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The Next Prong in Sales 2.0 is “E2E”

Our 3rd grade teacher Mrs. Joyce led us into the auditorium for televised French lessons on Thursday mornings. The PBS instructor would begin, “Écouter – écouter -- la plume -- la plume. Répondre – répondre,” which translates to, “Listen, listen; the pen, the pen. Respond, respond.” Listening and responding are the essence of conversation. Quietly sandwiched between the two is understanding, … [Read more...]

Please Sell Me!!!

This Easter brought back memories of walking behind our 3 year old daughter, pulling eggs out her Easter basket, and placing them out in front of her to be picked up again. That only worked once.  Everyone is tired of sales calls, sales presentations, and marketing using this failing strategy and are screaming, “Please sell me.” How many times can the wolf cry promises of better features, … [Read more...]

You Can Herd Cats & Salespeople

Anti-cat people, like I once was,  are challenged by feline independence and the seemingly impossible task of training them. Training and herding top sales producers and cats are not very different, but both are doable.  … [Read more...]

The Craft of Rainmaking: Conversations that Win Business – Book Review

"Rainmaking Conversations" is a colorful, personal, intelligent revival of great business conversations. The tone is set at the beginning with a quote from etiquette expert nonpareil Emily Post who agreeably they call in a later reference, someone who “could have been a sales consultant.” “Ideal conversation must be an exchange of thought, and not, as many of those who worry most about their … [Read more...]