Landslide Review: The CRM/SFA for Sales Reps, Sales Managers, and Executives

Your search for a sales centric CRM that supports frontline salespeople and meets the needs of sales managers and executives may be over. Landslide was the 2010 Gold Medal Top Sales Awards Winner for good reason.  A two hour demo with VP of Sales Eric Anderson made me a believer. Landslide won my confidence in fast implementation with the desired results. Solopreneurs to the enterprise can leverage this scalable solution to guide their sales with a robust set of sales process, marketing, and customer management tools.  

Look and Feel 4 Stars

Today's Leads - Landslide CRM

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Sales process is the core of this easy to look at, user friendly SaaS CRM as it should be. The customizable screens are uncluttered and comfortable on the eyes. The simple, clean user interface presents your data informatively and painlessly. Everything is organized around the sales process to manage the flow in an intuitive way. The intelligent format makes for a short learning curve. The only reason I did not give look and feel 5 stars, is because I’m still waiting for a Star Trek, push button dashboard.

Sales Process Management 5 Stars

The heart of successful selling is in the process and Landslide proves they get it. Organizational, team, and individual sales funnels and pipelines can be quickly viewed from a clean graphical interface. The list view provides a quick snapshot of each opportunity’s progress with details just one click away. 

Creation and customizing of your sales processes is very easy and does not require an IT person. Once you have mapped out your sales process and objectives for each stage, creation in Landslide is quick and easily modifiable. If you sell widgets, gidgets, and stidgets, you can create a different process for each product. If you do repeat business, you can create separate processes for new and existing accounts.      

Sales Process Builder Landslide CRM

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The scoring method for objectives in each stage presents a realistic view of the pipeline, removing much of the guesswork from forecasting with more control for management. You create the set of objectives for each stage with numerical values of your choice, totaling 100% signifying when each stage is completed.

In addition to accurately measuring progress, individual and team strengths and weaknesses are readily exposed, adding a laser focus to target coaching and training needs, and improve and modify your sales processes.

Opportunity Management 5 Stars

Viewing and organizing opportunities and their details are fast and easy to read for the sales rep and management. 

Opportunities are listed in a hierarchy with views of the entire sales force, sales teams, and individual reps. Team selling  is supported with views of real time activities and progress that aids strategy and prevents duplication of efforts.

Opportunity Screen in Landslide CRM

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This list view includes progress icons for status, activity, and red flags for hot opportunities. The list can be sorted in multiple ways such as confidence levels and sales stage. Filtering allows you to segregate opportunities types such as new and upsell. Data segmentation is easy with Lanslide’s “My List” function that allows the user to choose from multiple criteria as well as how the panels are displayed. Accessing contact info, activity, and progress details from the list is one click away.

Wondering if your prospects are reviewing the information you’re providing? Activity management eliminates the guesswork with triggers for content interaction that are communicated by email. I’ll cover this cool mechanism under lead management and email.

Lead Management 5 Stars

Landslide’s Lead Management manages leads from web or inception to close with life cycle reporting. Their lead development process includes scoring and customization for multiple segments that won me over.

They have a Web-to-Lead setup form to capture contact info from your choice of location on the internet. Fill out the form, the code is generated, and you insert it into the web page – voila! You can create multiple forms for different sources. You know where your web leads are coming from and which ones are generating the desired outcomes.

Lead distribution can be automated with round robin flow or manual selection. With one glance of your team’s pipeline, you can quickly determine who needs new leads. Sales opportunities are automatically created once lead process objectives are met. That’s automation working for you.

Monitoring Lead nurturing activity is established with interactive content libraries. You deposit content for each opportunity in micro sites specific to each opportunity. When the content is accessed directly from a micro site or an email marketing campaign, you are notified by instantly notified by email.

Post Sales Process utilizes the same module for creating sales processes. The continuity makes management and training consistent across the workforce. And like sales process creation, this is customizable with scored objectives you create.

Distribution of customer service and support requests can be automated or manually assigned. Each department has their own view as well as individual employee views. Sharing cases is available to increase interdepartmental communication for a better customer experience.

Standard email is included with an integrated email campaign platform. Send from company or individual accounts with the included 300 editable HTML template, or, create your own template with their built-in WYSIWYG. Emails scheduling and marketing life cycle tracking are included.

Individual emailing is included in the monthly rate. Email marketing is pay as you go with a competitive price of $.009 to $.015

Recipients opens, clicks, leads, bounces, unsubscribes, lead conversions, opportunity conversions to won deals are all trackable. 5 Stars

Social CRM integration is coming this summer. FaceBook, LinkedIn, and Twitter profiles, status & feeds will be viewable in the contact record to give you real time customer and competitor intelligence.

Tasks management is included but I did not have time to explore this feature.

Document management, creation, and storage are valuable tools in a CRM. Although I did not demo these, here I was I learned. 

Customizable forms, letters, and product proposal templates are available with an organizational library. Documents can be stored by contact and in opportunities for attachment to emails and uploading to micro sites for customer access.

Customer life management is the heart of a successful sales organization. A good CRM must provide a big picture view from lead creation through customer service and support with interdepartmental communication.

Reporting is robust with live data feed updating in real time without refreshing, including charts and graphs. Multiple filters by virtually every type of data in an easy user interface gives you control. Easily see the past and present to plan for the future.

Reports in Landslide CRM

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The data is interactive with detail information of virtually all data in the system. Viewing the pipeline, individual opportunities, sales stages, and managing quotas, CS, and support are all done from a single, responsive dashboard. Executive summary reports can be created for opportunities, including a complete breakdown.

Landslide’s API is open for 3rd party integration to synchronize with Outlook (eliminating duplicates), Gmail, QuickBooks, export to Excel and plenty of others.

Landslide’s mobile platform is not an app and runs from all browsers; intelligently built for the road warrior.

Landslide’s CRM Pricing is offered in three tiers and includes live support from their Pennsylvania offices via an 800 number:

Silver Plan is $29 per month with basic features for up to five users including Accounts & Contacts, Leads & Opportunities, Sales Pipeline Metrics, Task, Events & Notes, Mobile Access, Sales Strategy Tools, Web-To-Lead Forms, Data Import, Outlook & Gmail Integration, Homepage Customization, File Storage, Up 1GB/user.

Gold Plan is $49 per month with most features and no limit on users including All Silver features, plus Multiple Dashboard Charts, Organization Hierarchies, Detailed Pipeline Visibility, Customizable Sales Process, Email Marketing, Smart Templates, Product Catalogs, Smart Email, Landslide Link for QuickBooks, Advanced Tools, PDF Reporting,  Optional VIP Sales Assistant Support, File Storage Up to 2.5GB/user

Platinum plan ist $79 per month is full featured including All Silver & Gold features, plus Advanced Management Reporting, Pulse™ Dashboard, iO Channel Collaboration Tool, Scheduled Data Importing, API’s & Software Integration Tools, CRM Developer Sandbox, Extended VIP Sales Assistant Support, Increased Storage, File Storage Up to 5GB/user

Conclusion: Landslide is a 4.5 Star CRM/SFA. The two hour, in-depth with VP of Sales Eric Anderson impressed that I could get what I wanted and needed out of this CRM for any sales force. I am confident that implementation and user buy-in are painless. The addition of social media integration tells me they will continue to develop tools for the evolving sales profession. Everyone I have dealt with at Landslide is customer centric. If you’re looking for a CRM or SFA solution, schedule a demo today.