About Gary Hart

Gary Hart led an 800% sales increase over a five-year span for a manufacturing technology company. As VP of Sales & Marketing, Gary accomplished this with a customer-centric  sales process and strategy to match the buyers’ process. Exploitation of their CRM, continuous diagnosis, coaching and leveraging constantly changing market and economic conditions supported ongoing improvements to maintain a competitive edge a consistent growth. His sales team was recognized as the best in their class.

As an advertising account executive, Gary landed major marketing campaigns such as Toyota’s Import Car of the Year Award. His diversity of accounts included Avis, Cartier, Del Webb and Ideal Toy.

Gary built his own manufacturing technology sales company into an industry leader. In 1998, Gary founded a sales enhancement company that developed an industry specific sales and marketing platform for small business.

Gary is an obsessed lifelong student of sales, passionate about helping sales organizations multiply their sales. He was a guest instructor for the Dale Carnegie Institute and keynote speaker. InsideView named Gary to their 2012 and 2013 list of Top 25 Sales Influencers and is recognized by numerous organizations as a B2B sales thought leader.

Current project:

Gary is developing a qualitative measurement system for sales performance that delivers predictive sales data for the entire sales team from the C-Suite to the frontline, and cures poor CRM adoption.