New Sales Simplified by Mike Weinberg – Book Review

Would you like to simplify and improve new business acquisition? Not only is it possible, but it’s relatively simple to do. In case you missed it, the tagline for this website is Selling Ain’t Rocket Science. Mike Weinberg’s book “New Sales Simplified” is easy for me to stump because we both believe in simplifying and Mike unravels the enigma of acquiring new business with the same solutions that made me and the people I trained successful.

Very early in my career I often found myself without enough new business or at the end of a sale feeling dazed and confused. Not enough opportunities in my pipeline, insurmountable objections, outright noes, and impossible customer demands made selling painful. The practices that increased my sales and helped me avoid end game wars had not been taught to me. The foundation of fundamentals that simplify and improve selling had not been taught to me. A few years of good mentors who were far and few between, determination, persistence, and hard work saved me from failure. “New Sales Simplified” would have led me to success quicker and without the pain.

There is a difference between simple and simplified. There is also a fine line between oversimplifying and over-complicating. Mike treads that line like expert tightrope walker Nik Wallenda, the guy who crossed Niagara Falls. And like a tightrope walker, he has balanced and refined his model.

Mike shares how a brutal failure opened the door to join a business friend in a sales consulting firm. Hee turned this failure into the opportunity to develop and deploy his simplified new business model, “THE NEW SALES DRIVER.”

If you don’t know the right customers to target and the best way to engage them, you’ll not hit the bull’s-eye and make the sale. This is the meat of new business development and the guts of “New Simplified Sales.”

16 Reasons Sales People Fail

Knowing why we fail is the beginning of success. Years of studying numerous sales teams and salespeople Mike led, coach, and consulted, resulted in 16 reasons salespeople are not successful at acquiring new business.

I believe the beginning of the sale is greatest determining factor of the outcome. I agree with Mike that most salespeople do not know how to prospect because of improper training. Because of this, prospecting is a dirty word. When I learned how, prospecting became a passion and the foundation for my personal success and the success of my people.

Negative attitude, too much patience, hope in what’s in the pipeline, and the lost art of storytelling are 3 more of Mike’s 16 reasons salespeople fail. The other 12 are equally and vitally important. Here’s the good news; Mike has solutions.

It’s Not the Salesperson’s Fault Alone

What is leadership’s responsibility? Leadership, including the C-Suite carries a share of the burden for sales success.

“Just as important as having a clear strategy and a logical compensation plan, companies share in the responsibility of creating an environment that promotes healthy, positive, engaged salespeople.” –Mike Weinberg from New Sales Simplified.

Everything from management’s perception and treatment of the sales team to compensation plans heavily impacts sales results. Mike asks, “Where Did All the Sales Mentors Go?” He explains the difference between sales management and mentoring in a way easy to put into practice. For the front-line sales managers and upper level management, Mike’s paint by number, colorful simple solutions.  

New business development is the lifeblood of salespeople and sales organizations. When I was struggling forty years ago, Mike’s book was not available and I wish it were because it would have saved me a few years of clawing, searching, and creating my own model.

Picturesque contextual stories make his guidance an enjoyable, understandable easy read. If you want to improve you or your sales team’s new business development, put “New Sales Simplified” in the hands of your organizations’ sales chain from the frontline salespeople up to the CEO.

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About the author Mike Weinberg

Top-producing salesperson in multiple organizations. Transplanted New Yorker in St. Louis for 20 years. Sales Consultant, Coach, Speaker and Author of the Amazon Hot New Release, “New Sales. Simplified.” Mike’s passion and specialty is new business development and helping salespeople and professional services executives acquire new customers.

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