“Selling Fearlessly: A Master Salesman’s Secrets for the One-Call-Close Salesperson” by Bob Terson – Book Review

Book cover for: "Selling Fearlessly: A Master Salesman's Secrets For the One-Call-Close Salesperson" by Bob TersonIf you’ve ever had any fears during a sale or about your sales ability, you’re not alone. There were times in my early days of selling when I wondered if I chose the wrong career. Mentors and writers like Bob Terson taught me how to overcome my fears and become a top performer.

How do you become a top performing salesperson or develop top performing salespeople?

Is there a more important question for salespeople, sales managers and sales executives? Many said I was born to sell, but lack of knowledge held me back from becoming a top performer. After forty years, I tell you unequivocally that the skills you need to sell fearlessly and become a top performer are attainable by you.

When I began my sales career in 1971, I was on my own without books, without blog posts and without a mentor like Bob Terson. I groped in the dark looking for the path to success. I would have paid thousands for the education available in Selling Fearlessly.

Fortunately for you, Bob Terson reveals the secrets of top performing one-call-closers in Selling Fearlessly. Bob shares the key accoutrements that made him a successful sales professional for forty years. Selling Fearlessly educates, edifies and enlightens with rich, entertaining, timeless stories of failure, challenges, and success with priceless wisdom from his mentors.

Here’s a sneak peak at what you get from this timeless classic. Bob takes you on his journey that began with his early failures and fears. Bob’s good friend and mentor, Bob Trudeau, taught him “The Triangle,” which led him to his personal breakthroughs and ultimate success.

“Mental Attitude” is the first side of Bob’s “Triangle.” Attitude makes or breaks everyone in all endeavors; selling is no exception. His choice of the first three chapters, “Motivation,” “Desire” and “Belief” lays the foundation for success. Without these three, all of the skills, knowledge, tools and personality are valueless. Here is a small section from the book that will set you on the right track:

I’ve known salespeople more educated and a lot smarter than me, but alas, all too often their selling careers came to naught because they lacked the spark plug of motivation.

If you’re not motivated, if you don’t want it badly enough, if you’re more afraid of the prospect than you are of failure, you and your family have my deepest sympathies, because you’re not going to succeed.” – Bob Terson, author of Selling Fearlessly

Success takes hard work!

 “Work Habits” is the second side of “The Triangle.” “Working Smart,” is an enigmatic phrase often spoken about and one chapter in this section. Knowing what to work on, what not to work on, and how to work made a measurable – enormous – difference in my revenue and quality of life. Many top performers are often accused of making sales look easy. Selling isn’t easy, yet working smart will remove fear and make selling easier and fun. “Work Habits” is a well-organized and understandable high value section that will lead you to working smarter.

Salesmanship:” If you’re like me, this section will tug on you to jump ahead. Don’t skip anything. Bob made this section last with good reason. Between Bob and me we have 80-years of sales experience. Can you imagine the amount of mistakes we learned from in that time? Listen my friends, if you’re attitude isn’t right and you’re not working on the right things the right way, sales skills are worthless and success will remain an elusive wispy dream. After you’ve completed the first two sides of “The Triangle,” the third side dedicated to “Salesmanship” will have the greatest impact on your sales performance.

“[Selling] is your business, your choice of making a living; you must know every aspect of your business—backwards, forwards, and sideways. You must know selling techniques down to the subtlest detail.” –Bob Terson

I’m still learning. Every time Bob and I speak, I learn something new. And now you can learn from Bob too! If you’re selling in a short sales cycle or managing a team of salespeople doing the same and want to improve your closing rate on the first call, buy Selling Fearlessly today.

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Bob Terson: CEO of Sellingfearlessly.com and author of Selling Fearlessly: A Master Salesman’s Secrets For the One-Call-Close Salesperson. Robert Terson sold advertising to small businesses for 40 years; he had his own company for 38 of those years. He retired in 2010 to begin a second career as a writer and speaker. He is the CEO of Sellingfearlessly.com and author of Selling Fearlessly: A Master Salesman’s Secrets For the One-Call-Close Salesperson. Robert also does a limited amount of coaching and training for select clients. You can connect with him at Robert@sellingfearlessly.com or 847-577-1504. You also can follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn.