How to Turn Business Nightmares into Positive Public Relations

There are two approaches to business failures. Toyota blaming accelerator problems on driver incompetence is one way, and all too common. This is the worst method. … [Read more...]

Stop Selling & Start Succeeding

When asked “What do you sell?” my answer is “I don’t sell, I develop relationships, many of which happen to turn into business.” … [Read more...]

Are You Selling Value Proposition or Cost Benefit?

Sally recently learned the difference between value proposition and cost benefit when one of her dance students did not return this fall. Jenny had been studying at her school for two years and was ready for a more advanced level. Sally told Jenny’s mother the exciting news and penciled her in the schedule after their conversation. But Jenny dropped out. … [Read more...]

Landslide Review: The CRM/SFA for Sales Reps, Sales Managers, and Executives

Your search for a sales centric CRM that supports frontline salespeople and meets the needs of sales managers and executives may be over. Landslide was the 2010 Gold Medal Top Sales Awards Winner for good reason.  A two hour demo with VP of Sales Eric Anderson made me a believer. Landslide won my confidence in fast implementation with the desired results. Solopreneurs to the enterprise can … [Read more...]

How I Closed the Biggest Deal of My Life

27 years ago today, after a long, complex sales cycle, I closed the biggest, most important deal of my life. When the deal was negotiated, the buyer chose to make the acquisition. I never asked for the order; not once. … [Read more...]