What is the Best Way to Break the Ice? A Networking Tip

“What are your top opening lines when you first meet someone at a biz event i.e., a speaker lunch (particularly if you are not a confident networker)?” was asked on Focus.com. I like to think introductions as warming or melting the ice rather than breaking it. Networking and meeting new people can be daunting and uncomfortable. We can feel like we are under the scrutiny of the microscope. … [Read more...]

Are You Selling to Phantom Buyers?

Imagine you’re running a retail shop. Twenty or thirty times a day, your front door opens and the entry bell rings “ding-ding.” You trace the path of depressions in the carpet and see products shuffled around your shelves. Most of these journeys through your store end with an invisible departure. This is what internet marketing looks like. Marketers view internet analytics and see which … [Read more...]

People are Strange, When You’re a Stranger – Until You Meet Them

{EAV_BLOG_VER:10a2e1bf75b86c56} Paul Castain’s post “Should We Connect With Strangers In Social Networking?” inspired this thought: Outside of family, everyone else I know was a stranger first. Some of the people I have met over the years are just as strange as me, if that’s possible, and in a very good way (tongue-in-cheek). But now I know them as acquaintances, business associates and … [Read more...]

Lead, Sell, or Get Out of the Way: The 7 Traits of Great Sellers by Ron Karr – Book Review

More sales books, blog posts, and articles are published monthly than all the material available when my sales career began in 1971. Finding the gems can be daunting, so I was fortunate to find “Lead, Sell, or Get Out of the Way.” I met the author Ron Karr on Twitter, enjoyed his conversations and posts, and liked what he says about selling. A Fox TV interview with him finally piqued my interest … [Read more...]

Cave Paintings & Content Marketing

My friend David Brock nearly busted his gut laughing when I said, "Heck, we were doing content marketing thirty years ago. It was called print and direct mail." He wasn't laughing at me, he was laughing with me, because things have not changed as much as some people would have us believe. Then David said, "You need to write this post." In 1982, we had a sales and marketing automation system … [Read more...]