Are You Selling Value Proposition or Cost Benefit?

Sally recently learned the difference between value proposition and cost benefit when one of her dance students did not return this fall. Jenny had been studying at her school for two years and was ready for a more advanced level. Sally told Jenny’s mother the exciting news and penciled her in the schedule after their conversation. But Jenny dropped out. … [Read more...]

Do You Really Give a Shit About Your Customers?

Do you care how they feel or how they are? Do you care about their future? … [Read more...]

Lead, Sell, or Get Out of the Way: The 7 Traits of Great Sellers by Ron Karr – Book Review

More sales books, blog posts, and articles are published monthly than all the material available when my sales career began in 1971. Finding the gems can be daunting, so I was fortunate to find “Lead, Sell, or Get Out of the Way.” I met the author Ron Karr on Twitter, enjoyed his conversations and posts, and liked what he says about selling. A Fox TV interview with him finally piqued my interest … [Read more...]

Slow Down, You’re Selling Too Fast

When the new Corvette came out in 1984, the president of our company gave me one as a company car. My red toy had the first digital dashboard; it was like driving a video game. Slamming the gas pedal pinned you to the back of the seat. I could go from red light to red light faster than almost any other car. An officer who gave me one of three speeding tickets awarded to the red beast told me, … [Read more...]

Are We McSelling & McMarketing?

Is the quality of sales and marketing suffering at the expense of quantity? Balancing automation and metrics with customer centricity is the challenge of the decade. The quality of business relationships have become limited by volume-induced time constraint. Henry Ford’s assembly line that delivered affordable quality automobiles in high quantities was brilliant! McDonald’s assembly line … [Read more...]