How Do Your Customers Rate You, Let Me Count The Ways

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Are You Selling Like Publishers Clearing House?

The first time a “You won a $1,000,000” showed up in my mailbox, my sales and marketing mind was piqued. Opening this treasure revealed I had not won anything yet and might only win a car or digital clock with a shortwave radio that doesn’t work. The pitch unfolded to a litany of stuff I did not want, yet subliminally suggested a purchase would help me win. Sales people spend tremendous effort … [Read more...]

Are All Sales Opportunities Equal?

The most widely accepted definition of a qualified sales opportunity is a decision maker with a budget to purchase a product or service. But are all sales opportunities equal? Are identical offerings to two different buyers equal in value to the sales rep? In the 1940s, Frank Bettger, author of the sales classic “How I Raised Myself From Failure to Success” made several game changing … [Read more...]

Buyers Want Sales Reps Kept Behind The Keyboard

Buyers would love to keep us sales professionals out of sight, tucked away behind our keyboards. Buyers have pushed sales out of the first 70% of the buying cycle because we allowed them to. We are viewed as the enemy, the opposing team. Even when the buyer wants or needs our products and services, they try to figure out how to buy without us. If we continue to acquiesce, we will never hit revenue … [Read more...]

The Next Prong in Sales 2.0 is “E2E”

Our 3rd grade teacher Mrs. Joyce led us into the auditorium for televised French lessons on Thursday mornings. The PBS instructor would begin, “Écouter – écouter -- la plume -- la plume. Répondre – répondre,” which translates to, “Listen, listen; the pen, the pen. Respond, respond.” Listening and responding are the essence of conversation. Quietly sandwiched between the two is understanding, … [Read more...]