The Last Thing They See – Lasting Impressions

Old ShoesThe importance we place on first impressions overshadows our last impression. Most people dress and check their front and maybe a side view in the mirror. Because we don’t have eyes in the back of our head, we pay little attention that side of ourselves. But it’s the last thing people see when we leave.

A few of us were discussing appearance and dress habits. Steve explained to us why one of my habits was so valuable.

In the days of pounding Manhattan streets in a suit, I had a daily ritual. Each morning I dropped off a suit at the cleaners and picked up one freshly pressed with a clean shirt. Riding the train into the city creased
my clothes, so I changed at the office. On my way in, I stopped at Penn Station for my morning shoe shine. Jimmy cleaned and shined everything from my heals to the tip of my sole.

Steve said he polished his shoes multiple times a day in the Air Force. They taught him that your heels are the last thing everyone sees.

Casual dress has become common and accepted over the last few decades in many industries. But that should not diminish the quality of your appearance, especially your shoes. People want to know you are “well-heeled.” It breeds confidence. Worn out shoes breeds the opposite.

What does your customer see when you leave their office?

Are your heels worn or soiled?

Here’s a tip. Have rubber taps placed on your heels. Not only are they less expensive to replace, they protect the original heel, which is never replaced with one of equal quality.

The last impression is a lasting impression.