Are We In Sales for the Money? What Do You Think the Purpose of Selling Is?

Pile of MoneyMy friend Dave Brock‘s post, “The Essence Of Selling” triggered a comment that I’ve decided to share here and also plug Dave’s blog. After you read my anti-money-semi-diatribe, please read Dave’s post and throw your opinions in both of our rings.

Why has making money, bringing home the bacon, become socially unacceptable in many circles? We who enjoy the life capitalist nations offer are dependent upon someone to sell the stuff we produce. From my side of the table, I expect the sales team to be treated like heroes and always shocked when salespeople are treated like villains.

The definition of sales: “The exchange of a commodity (or service) for money; the action of selling something.

Unless one is independently wealthy, they need to earn a living. The primary reason the majority of people work is to earn money. I love sales, you might go so far as to call my passion an addiction. But, if I did not have to work, I would not have entered the sales world. Instead, I would have written, painted and traveled. Sadly, I had to work. Please don’t get out your violin. Sales provided me the ability to spoil my wife and children with a wonderful life. I trained a lot of salespeople to do the same. I was never ashamed that I worked for money.

Frank Zappa wrote, “We’re Only In It For the Money.” Well that is not completely true for me. I love helping clients achieve their goals and objectives, and solve problems. I enjoy the relationships. Many of my clients are lifelong friends. But if it were not for money, none of this would have happened. My job on the front line, as a manger and executive: drive revenue. Dave’s list covers the big how-tos, but the why, the essence, or the purpose (let’s avoid semantics) is unequivocally getting the money.

Getting the money is not a bad thing in-itself, how we go about doing business, whether we do so with or without integrity, determines “good” or “bad.”

I would not hire a salesperson who did not understand, or lacked the desire, to achieve the primary objective of driving revenue. And every sales organization should embrace their revenue creators and celebrate their achievements every time a check is received and every time an employee and officer are paid, because without someone exchanging commodities and services for money, companies shutter and jobs are lost.

Before you tell us what you think, please read my followup article, “The Heart of Successful Selling: Align Yourself with Your Customers’ Customers.”