Are You Having Trouble Sales Hunting?

John Hart remains one of my favorite cartoonists and this one tickled me to write a very short post to help you hunt better with a simple sales skill.

Hunter gather by John Hart "BC"

Do you know who your best and worst customers are?

Has your company defined customer personas and have you defined your own personas? We all perform well, and poorly, with different customer types. Early in my career, I recognized that I did not sell all companies and people with equal success. Identifying which company and decision maker types I had the greatest success with sharpened my aim. Identifying the companies and decision maker types I did not perform as well with, helped me avoid wasted opportunities. And I went to manager for coaching to win some of the personas I was losing.

As a manager and sales VP, I looked for individual patterns among my salespeople to help them identify these areas and then coached them.

Know your customers, your strengths and your weaknesses and you’ll hit your sales target.