Book Review: “High-Profit Selling, Win the Sale Without Compromising On Price” by Mark Hunter


The battles over price are as old as selling. Can you picture the first dirt farmer negotiating for some livestock? Learning how not to flinch when a customer claimed “Your price is too high” took mentoring and practice. When I finally understood that price complaints are to be expected and a sign that the game’s afoot, my reflexes changed.High-Profit Selling, Win the Sale Without Compromising On Price by Mark Hunter

“High-Profit Selling, Win the Sale Without Compromising On Price” is a book I wish I had when I stepped into sales management for the the first time turning around a a team of more than 30 salespeople. Cutting price quickly was standard operating procedure. It was the most challenging leadership position of my career. Having this book would have made the solution infinitely easier.

Mark shares his personal discounting mistakes as a consultant that led to his successful processes and strategies that fill his book. Overcoming price issues and objections is not something that happens towards the end of the sale or in negotiations. Solving the price battle dilemma begins at the start of an opportunity and continues through the entire process. “The Sales Hunter” as Mark is known, takes you on that journey.

In some circles, profit has become a dirty word and many salespeople think their companies make too much profit on their products and services. Mark not only dispels this myth, but shows how theses wrong beliefs hurt sales results.

Investing in “High-Profit Selling” will get you Mark’s priceless, hard earned knowledge that will add measurable value to your overall sales process. Here are some teasers on how you will get a huge return on investment from this book.

Did you know that beginning with a discount actually hurts your customer long-term? Your customer’s business plans, operations, and pricing to their customers are based upon their costs. After your discount, when the inevitable price increase follows, your customer is then stuck trying to pass on those costs to their customers, which usually ends your relationship. These losses can be avoided.

  • Avoid the price battle with strategies that minimize and eliminate discounting.
  • Assess and leverage the long-term value of a customer.
  • Learn why you should cut low profit customers.
  • Set high price structures that enhance your offering and increase profit.
  • Improve your prospecting and opportunity selection.
  • Increase prices successfully.

The section on successful C-Suite prospecting alone is enough to justify owning this book. I highly recommend this book for everyone from the front line sales reps to the CSO and CEO.

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