Do You Really Give a Shit About Your Customers?

Pot of GoldDo you care how they feel or how they are?

Do you care about their future?

Do you care about their careers?

Do you care about their dreams?

Do you care about their daily travails?

Do care about the lack of time they have to get everything done, on time, with the quality expected of them?   

Do you care about the garbage they’re taking from their superiors, stockholders, peers, and insubordinate employees?

If you cannot answer yes to every one of these questions, you’re not wasting your customer’s time; you’re wasting your own. Unless you care about your customer’s wants, needs, and problems, you’re just another hack barely making quota.

My success was not built on prospecting, networking, presenting, and closing skills and tricks. My success was built on caring about, and helping fulfill, the wants and needs of the people I did business with. No, they weren’t customers. They are people. People with wants and needs like you and me. People with lives and dreams just like us.

Until you embrace your prospects and customers as living, flesh and blood, emotional people with hopes and dreams, you’ll live in the nightmare of unceasingly chasing the continuously moving, ever out of reach quota pot of gold.