Pistachio Nuts and Sales Opportunities

Sally and I love pistachio nuts. We always race for the meaty ones bursting out of the shell. They’re the easiest, best tasting, and give the most for the least effort.

When the best picks are gone, we fish through the bowl and pick the promising nuts. They take a little more work for a little less meat.

Pistachio Nuts LaughingFinally, only the tough nuts are left, the airtight sealed nuts that take more work. Out of desperation we may try cracking some to the disappointing hint of pistachio mixed with shell.

Are you working on meaty sales opportunities?

Are you picky about your sales opportunities?

Are spending too much time on tough sales that leave a bad
taste in your mouth?

Want to fill your pipeline with meatier sales opportunities?

Take an objective look at your sales opportunities. If the economy was hot, which ones would you ignore or completely discard? The remaining opportunities, the meatier prospects, are what you should be working on, but there are probably not enough to achieve your goals.

If you don’t want a pipeline laden with tough nuts, here are three guaranteed solutions.

Prospect, prospect, and prospect.  

Good Pistachio Nuts