Are Your Prospecting Results Disappointing?

Are you struggling with prospecting? My last post, “Stop Selling and Start Succeeding” was about relationship selling for sustainable, profitable sales results. Building quality relationships is a step-by-step process. The first step is prospecting, and getting it right is critical. … [Read more...]

Please Sell Me!!!

This Easter brought back memories of walking behind our 3 year old daughter, pulling eggs out her Easter basket, and placing them out in front of her to be picked up again. That only worked once.  Everyone is tired of sales calls, sales presentations, and marketing using this failing strategy and are screaming, “Please sell me.” How many times can the wolf cry promises of better features, … [Read more...]

Cave Paintings & Content Marketing

My friend David Brock nearly busted his gut laughing when I said, "Heck, we were doing content marketing thirty years ago. It was called print and direct mail." He wasn't laughing at me, he was laughing with me, because things have not changed as much as some people would have us believe. Then David said, "You need to write this post." In 1982, we had a sales and marketing automation system … [Read more...]