Are We In Sales for the Money? What Do You Think the Purpose of Selling Is?

My friend Dave Brock's post, "The Essence Of Selling" triggered a comment that I've decided to share here and also plug Dave's blog. After you read my anti-money-semi-diatribe, please read Dave's post and throw your opinions in both of our rings. Why has making money, bringing home the bacon, become socially unacceptable in many circles? We who enjoy the life capitalist nations offer are … [Read more...]

A Thank You Note to Fathers

My first Father’s Day gift arrived early and unexpectedly from someone other than one of our children. While chatting about the old days, she told me that my encouragement meant the world to her. Through teary eyes, she said, “You never treated me like an underdog and always encouraged me. I hope one day someone tells me I did that for them.”   This young woman was one of our daughter’s dance … [Read more...]

How Do Your Customers Rate You, Let Me Count The Ways

[Read more...]

You Can Herd Cats & Salespeople

Anti-cat people, like I once was,  are challenged by feline independence and the seemingly impossible task of training them. Training and herding top sales producers and cats are not very different, but both are doable.  … [Read more...]