It’s National Sales Day!

Back in the 80’s, I was fortunate enough to spend the evening with an icon in the machine tool industry at our monthly association meeting. Jay was an old school, NY sales pro in his 60’s. When I saw him, I told him I liked his tie. He immediately took it off, handed it to me, and invited me to sit with him.  Jay turned to me and asked, “Do you know what day it is?” As I shrugged my shoulders he … [Read more...]

How I Closed the Biggest Deal of My Life

27 years ago today, after a long, complex sales cycle, I closed the biggest, most important deal of my life. When the deal was negotiated, the buyer chose to make the acquisition. I never asked for the order; not once. … [Read more...]

Please Sell Me!!!

This Easter brought back memories of walking behind our 3 year old daughter, pulling eggs out her Easter basket, and placing them out in front of her to be picked up again. That only worked once.  Everyone is tired of sales calls, sales presentations, and marketing using this failing strategy and are screaming, “Please sell me.” How many times can the wolf cry promises of better features, … [Read more...]

It’s Not About the Lollipop, It’s About the Customer Experience

Years ago, after a visit with the doctor and a painful shot or some other forgettable experience, we got a lollipop or some other sweet treat and a smile. Banks picked up on the idea and in recent times added doggie treats. I just had a conversation with a friend about this tactic and he told me about his ritual of taking his dog for a ride to the bank drive through, which he describes as a fun … [Read more...]

Are you throwing small fish back?

The National Council on Alcoholism called us to have a gavel engraved. The president of our company told me to grab my attaché, jump in a cab, and help them out. "Stu, we don't engrave gavels," I said. "We will for them. Just go, I'm paying for it" he exhorted with his guruish smile. It was 1975. I was 21 and in my 4th year of learning to sell in the NYC Sales School of Hard Knocks. Our … [Read more...]